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OFTEC committed to helping government achieve its goals for off-grid homes

In June 2019 the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar, published the Government’s ambitious plans to tackle ‘Climate Breakdown’. The proposal under the National Development Plan (NDP) is to move 170,000 liquid fuelled homes to air source heat pumps (ASHP) by 2030 (in addition to a targeted 200,000 in new build). However, the CAP suggests […]

Delivering the benefits of affordable, clean energy in a low-carbon economy…

By Jason Woods, founding partner, In Perpetuum Partners In March 2018, BEIS published a Call for Evidence to seek views on how industry, government and consumers could work together to phase out the installation of high carbon fossil fuels from rural homes and businesses off the gas grid during the 2020s. The rationale was firmly […]

Are heat pumps a good option for your business?

Heat pumps are one of the government’s preferred technologies for the decarbonisation of heat, which means there are potentially huge opportunities for heat pump installers as we move into the 2020s. The word ‘potentially’ is important because there have already been a couple of false dawns in the development of the heat pump market, and […]

Integrally fire rated tanks – frequently asked questions

Every oil tank installer knows that finding a suitable location for an oil tank can be challenging. On the one hand, technicians need to ensure the tank installation complies with regional building regulations, and on the other hand, clients often want their oil tank installed in a location that would not be compliant unless a […]

Liquid fuel “is a fuel fit for future domestic heating”

Before looking forward it does no harm to look back – from centuries of using coal or peat on the humble open fire in Ireland, fast forward to the second half of the 20th century when central heating became the preferred option (for those who could afford it). In the 1970/80’s oil was the fuel […]

At last – an oil tank insurance policy for homeowners

Many homeowners using oil may believe that they are fully insured against the risk of pollution following a leak or spill from their tank by their standard buildings and contents insurance, but the reality could be very different. Pollution and contamination can sometimes be excluded completely from standard insurance polices, or included within a limit. […]

Fuel additives – is there a Marmite factor?

Neil Ryding, managing director of Fuel Additive Science Technologies Ltd., shares his opinions with Oil Installer readers… Amongst the boiler servicing and boiler manufacturing fraternity, our experience is that the very mention of the word ‘additive’ can elicit extremes of reaction. These reactions vary from the downright hostile and dismissive to the all-embracing, born-again convert. […]

It’s better bunded……

Oil remains the premier choice for home heating in Ireland with 40% of homes in the Republic and 68% of homes in Northern Ireland using liquid fuel. Storing home heating oil on-site provides added benefits over other fuel sources: ensuring your own supply, and refilling when needed and when market prices are lower. Modern plastic […]

Discrepancies between fuel poverty and clean growth agenda “continue to hit vulnerable rural households”

As a new report shows, the number of fuel poor households in England has risen to over 2.5 million. OFTEC says recent revisions to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme don’t go far enough in ensuring that low income homes do not suffer at the expense of the government’s clean growth agenda. The committee on […]

Industry calls for more clarity from government on decarbonisation plans

CLEAN GROWTH STRATEGY UPDATE When it comes to government policy, the devil is in the detail. This is particularly true of heat policy where concerns over a lack of clarity have led OFTEC and Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) to write to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) minister, Claire Perry, demanding answers to […]